An iphone app connected to a 3D printed bus will allow you to know when and where to board.


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How it works

Bring your 3D printed bus anywhere and it will alert you when the bus is coming. Thanks to the gps in your mobile phone and our app!

The App


3D printing for NY Maker Faire by plumake

More pictures on the Facebook album

The Hardware inside


The Big Idea behind

Our aim is to help anyone make an "internet of things" device. We support complete customization by releasing a platform where it is easy to embed any third party API into a desired 3D printed object using open source technologies."maisongb team


Who is it for? The cityboarding experience is designed for everyone, particularly for young people and for anyone who seeks real time transportation data, including those people with disabilities.

How does it work? After downloading the app, you can make a board for each route you need. Every time a bus of your choice is coming, you will get notified from your mobile and 3D printed bus.

How can I take part? After you signup, we will provide all the open source guidelines need for the design and development. This means a complete customization in product and hardware. If you don't want to build a bus on your own, you can always order it online from our partners.

Is it free? The app is and will always be free. If you desire the 3D printed bus, already up and running, maybe not.

What about Android and other devices? Drop us a line if you are an Android developer and want to get involved. Otherwise you might need to wait awhile.

How did the project started? One of our team mates in the UK experienced difficulty waking up in the morning to catch the bus at the right time. Hopefully cityboarding will help him and you!

Where does it work? First city is London, later in all major metropolitan cities where public transport APIs are available.

Can you tell me a bit more about the hardware inside? It's all about open source components. The simplest configuration includes the arduino nano, a bluetooth module and a RGB led. Our next prototype will be smaller, possibly with a battery.

How do the bus and mobile communicate? At the moment we are using a bluetooth connection. We are looking around for other feasible ways to do it, keeping the overall size as small as possible.

Who are the guys behind the project? We are a team of four, working on this project in our free time, plus a few people inspired by the project who are helping us to promote it at NY Maker Faire.

What's the plan now? We want to achieve a good balance between engineering and design with the community's help. This means an improvement in all areas involved, from the 3D models and character design to a reliable product and service.

Do you get money out of this? We first want to achieve a robust proof of concept. Later, according to our testers' feedback, we may consider to look for financial support.

Still questions? Drop us a line, we will be happy to reply! cityboarding[at]

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